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How to make perfect beef Wellington

How to make perfect beef Wellington

Gorgeously juicy beef, crisp and golden pastry and a layer of soft, flavour-packed mushrooms – the perfect beef Wellington is a beautiful thing! It’s a proper special occasion dish, and well worth learning how to make perfectly.

Armed with our six top tips (below), you can turn out a showstopper, every time.
Find Jamie’s full recipe for Beef Wellington here.


  1. Sear your beef before wrapping in pastry. This time in the pan will ensure the delicious juices stay in the meat while it bakes – meaning the pastry doesn’t get soggy. Plus, searing is a chance to add extra flavour: just place a sprig of rosemary, some sea salt and black pepper into the pan, too.
  2. Chop your onions, garlic and mushrooms finely. This will make them easier to spread onto the pastry, and easier to wrap around the beef.
  3. It’s important to seal your pastry parcel carefully around the beef, as any air pockets will expand in the oven and explode.
  4. Be generous with the excess pastry at the ends of your Wellington, and seal them really carefully to make sure none of the delicious juices run out during roasting.
  5. Pre-heat the baking sheet before placing your wrapped beef in the oven. The hot sheet will give the Wellington’s base the best chance of getting lovely and crisp.
  6. Finally, don’t forget the all-important egg wash. It’s a little job that makes a massive difference – the golden glaze brings everything together and looks fantastic!

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